Reach the City is a religious podcast aimed at putting an emphasis on academic and doctrinal aspects of the Christian faith to have either been ignored or forgotten about in most Christian circles.

Religion has developed a bad reputation of being too dogmatic, and generally outdated for our modern world. So much so that a lot of the core messages and philosophies have been forgotten and discarded, and deemed mostly irrelevant. A new visual approach was needed for an introductory title sequence and a logo that can speak to a new group of people who hope to continue the Christian tardition.

In order to reach new audiences, it was important to bring the brand to life in a way that no longer reflects the negative stigmas of the past, but still contains an element of familiarity that associates it with the Christian faith.
A vapourwave aesthetic seemed ideal for this kind of project- making use of colours and fonts that are unconventional, yet contemporary, bringing a feeling of relevancy while reflecting the mystifying and disruptive messages contained in the gospels.
With a large enough catalogue of past paintings and art, we could seemlessly bring the classical elements of the west’s Christian tradition into new contexts, reframing them for a new age and a new audience in the city of Pretoria.