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Cas Oppie Kassie (Cas on the Telly) is a new comedy series hosted by famous South African comedian, Casper de Vries.

Casper required the creation of a title sequence and that sets the tone for the general branding for his new TV show.
The show has to appeal Casper’s diverse cast of characters played out by Casper himself through various personas. It was essesntail that we find a way to translate these unique personalities in a way that demonstrates their unique identities.
More importantly was finding the freedom to bring each character to life without any restrictions on budget or the need for distrupting tight shooting schedules.


We decided on a collage, paper cut-out approach within a deeply detailed world to reflect the full rainbow of Casper’s transformative mannerisms. This allowed us the capacity to do each character justice by bringing them to life in their ideal environments, which authentically reflects each character’s psyche.
The disorderly¬†and haphazard visual style fits with Casper’s crude, somewhat improvised-style of comedy, and simulates what many find unsavoury about his offbeat humour.